Achieve your dream, and become a pilot, and have heaps of fun while you're doing it! 

Fly Now Redcliffe is the right flying school for your Recreational Flight Training.

  • Voted Brisbane's #1 flying school 
  • 30 years' experience 
  • Beautiful handling TECNAM P92 Eaglet's aircraft
  • State of the art safety and control 
  • Surprisingly Affordable Rates


Welcome to Fly Now Redcliffe! My name is Mahl Oakes, I am the owner and Chief Flying Instructor of Fly Now Redcliffe. 

I love flying and remember what it was like when I first wanted to learn to fly. I would like to help you to achieve your dreams of becoming a pilot!

Watch the video for a preview of what flying with Fly Now Redcliffe has to offer you with our recreational flight training.

This could be you.....

We teach flying in our 3 x Tecnam P92's. These aircraft are registered as Light Sport Aircraft with Recreational Aviation Australia. 


David KaranDavid Karan

 Like to contact us to make a booking or ask more questions about learning to fly?

Please only Text David

0413 629 107

 As soon as he is available he will call you to discuss your needs.

Mahl Oakes
Mahl Oakes CFI of Fly Now Redcliffe


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All Flights are Trial Instructional Flights. You get a Briefing and 'Hands On' flying under instruction!

These Are Not Joy Flights! You will be participating in flying the aircraft!

This is a 100% educational experience!

48 Minute Trial Instruction Flight

Redcliffe Jetty

This 48 minute flight gives you the taste for  flying  with 'Hands On' time under supervision of you instructor who will demonstrate how the flight controls work.


60 Minute Trial Instruction Flight

Mt Beerwah Glasshouse Mountains

This 60 minute flight gives you more 'Hands On' time to fly the aircraft and start to feel at home in a Recreational Aircraft and what it feels like being a pilot.


78 Minute Trial Instruction Flight

Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Island

This 78 minute flight gives you the most 'Hands On' flying time! You will be flying over the quite stunning scenery of Brisbane and Moreton Bay! Simply, the best flight!   Regular price $475

 Now $425.00 

What Are Recreational Aircraft?

Recreational Aircraft, commonly called Light Sport Aircraft, are two seat aircraft that can have a maximum take off weight of no more than 600kg and can only be flown during daylight hours.

These airplanes are modern fuel efficient aircraft that can cruise at 110 knots (200 km/hr) for about three and half to four hours. That means you can fly up to 400 nautical miles (approx 740 kilometers). You can fly a long way in a short time!

One of the main advantages to flying Recreational Aircraft, is that they are light two seat aircraft, that are very economical. This makes learning to fly affordable!

Tecnam 7600 flying at Redcliffe - Fly Now Redcliffe

Learning to fly is exhilarating, rewarding and fun! If your goal is to learn to fly, then we will guide you step by step. You will see your progress start to take shape with each successive flying lesson.

We take great pride in helping you to feel comfortable with the learning challenges that you progress through, on your journey to becoming a competent pilot.

We give you good clear feedback and assess your progress with honest appraisal as you move towards your goal.

Flight Design CTMC Take-off - Fly Now Redcliffe

With over 7,500 hours of instructional experience, we recognise any challenges that you may have early. We then demonstrate strategies and techniques for you to progress consistently.

We proactively coach you towards your goal of being skillful pilot. At Fly Now Redcliffe, we do more than teach you to become a pilot... we help mould you into an Aviator!

Tecnam 7600 Taxiing at Redcliffe - Fly Now Redcliffe

Why Learn To Fly At Redcliffe?

If you want to learn to fly in Brisbane, Redcliffe is the ideal location. Its close proximity to Brisbane's northern suburbs as well as the southern suburbs, via the Gateway Arterial, make it easier to get to than most people realize.

Redcliffe from the Air - Fly Now Redcliffe

The Redcliffe Airport is well located on the edge of Deception Bay. This gives you quick and easy access to our stunning scenic training area that borders on Moreton Bay.

The training area includes Bribie Island and the Glasshouse Mountains. Our close proximity to the other airports of Caboolture and Caloundra provides you with the opportunity to build a broad base of experience.

You will learn to land and take-off at these airports as you progress towards your Recreational Pilot Certificate.

Moreton Bay from 3500 Feet - Fly Now Redcliffe

Redcliffe is a beautiful spot to fly out of, with so many excellent places to explore from the air. And at the end of the day we have some stunning sunsets too! We look forward to meeting you here!

Tecnam 7440 at sunset at Fly Now RedcliffeTecnam 7440 at sunset at Fly Now Redcliffe

Can I Start Flying Now?

Yes, you can start flying now! To get your first taste of being at the controls of an aircraft, and feel the exhilaration of aviation, book your Trial Instruction Flight!

Start learning to fly with Fly Now Redcliffe. Book a Trial Instruction Flight, Click here now!

Can You Tell Me More About Learning To Fly?

Absolutely, we can! If you click on any of the following links, you will be taken to articles with more detailed information about how you can learn to fly.

Book A Trial Introductory Flight   

RA-Aus Student Pilot Certificate 

RA-Aus Pilot Certificate 

Learn About Our Aircraft 

Read About Our Instructors

This information will help you to find out what you need to know about learning to fly Recreational Aircraft.


If you would like to contact us to make a booking or ask more questions about learning to fly...

Please Only Text David Karan 0413 629 107

 He will call you as soon as he is available.

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